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Elevance Renewable Sciences Reaches Environmental Milestone

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. announced today that certain of its NatureWax™ vegetable wax products, when blended with paraffin, have met universally accepted compost specifications, an important qualification for certain coating applications. Elevance collaborated with The International Group, Inc. (IGI) to sponsor the testing.

"With on-going changes in the packaging market for paraffin, vegetable wax coatings are becoming an increasingly important option for corrugated and packaging suppliers," said Andy Shafer, Executive Vice President of Sales and Market Development at Elevance. "Collaborating with IGI to meet these important industry standards made tremendous sense. We both recognized the importance of these requirements and wanted to invest in supporting our customers."

The standards, set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), evaluate if certain products compost satisfactorily and biodegrade at a comparable rate to other known compostable materials.

In evaluations done by the external testing laboratory Advanced Materials Center, the vegetable wax, when blended with certain materials in a typical coating formulation, passed the 90- and 180-day requirements for 90 percent carbon dioxide conversion (ASTM D 5338), in addition they also exceeded 90 percent or greater weight loss and disintegration (ASTM D 6868). The formula also meets the OECD 208 requirement for toxicity.

The end products tested by the lab were a corrugated box and a quick service wrapper.

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