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Elevance and Dow Corning Announce Breakthrough Ingredient to Enhance Performance in Personal Care Products

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 08 December 2010

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. and Dow Corning Corporation announce the newest product based on their collaboration. The companies have aligned to develop a product line of performance ingredients for personal care using renewable resources.

Dow Corning® HY-3200 Emulsifying Soy Wax is the third in a growing product line based on Elevance’s novel metathesis of natural lipids, which give the end-product expanded functionality and added benefits.

“Once again Elevance’s partnerships are bringing innovation to the renewable chemicals industry,” said K’Lynne Johnson, CEO of Elevance. “Our collaboration with Dow Corning has delivered another distinctive, high-performance product with a cost and environmental benefit.”

Dow Corning® HY-3200 is a PEG-free oil-in-water emulsifier and thickening agent that simplifies formulations. Dow Corning® HY-3200 eliminates the need for multiple emulsifiers and thickeners reducing ingredients and reducing costs for product formulation. The product will be available in 2011.

Dow Corning® HY-3200 Emulsifying Soy Wax joins the currently available Dow Corning® HY-3051 Soy Wax Blend and Dow Corning® HY-3050 Soy Wax products. Dow Corning® HY-3051 Soy Wax Blend is a naturally derived alternative to petrolatum that provides conditioning, shine and anti-frizz for leave-in hair products. It also offers emolliency for skin creams, lotions and color cosmetics. Dow Corning® HY-3050 Soy Wax offers film forming and emolliency for skin care and adds body to sticks, pomades and creams.

Dow Corning and Elevance will be presenting their innovations at the 2010 SCC Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase. The event takes place December 9 and 10, 2010, at the New York Hilton Hotel, New York City.

“With consumers and formulators focusing on renewable resources, Dow Corning’s collaboration with Elevance meets a market need that continues to emerge, said Brian J. Marinik, global strategic marketer for Dow Corning. “The personal care industry is looking for sustainable, high-performance materials for the development of next-generation products and our collaboration with Elevance is helping to shape future of innovation.”

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