Clariant and Elevance Renewable Sciences Enter Into a Cooperation for Renewable Products

Elevance Renewable Sciences and Clariant International Ltd, Business Unit Additives, announced today they have completed an agreement to cooperate within the field of renewable products.

The companies are coupling Clariant’s strong market knowledge and formulation development capabilities with Elevance’s unique renewable products and patented process technology to commercialize new renewable additives for plastics.

“Clariant is globally active in the performance additives space, offering a diversified portfolio. Our teams have worked together over the past year and are pleased to enter now into this cooperation,” said Andy Shafer, executive vice president of sales and market development for Elevance. “This is the beginning of a collaboration that can bring renewable solutions with enhanced performance to the market today and expand significantly over the next three to five years.”

Bernhard Ehrenreich, vice president and Head of BL Waxes, added, “Working with Elevance offers Clariant the opportunity to further develop our renewable component of our specialty product range and build on a platform that further expands our global portfolio and capabilities in the plastics market.”

About Elevance

Headquartered in Woodridge, Ill., Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. is a high-growth specialty chemical company that creates novel specialty chemicals that perform better from renewable feedstocks, making the products that industry and consumers use every day better. Using a proprietary technology called olefin metathesis, the company delivers specialty chemicals that exceed the performance of existing products while leaving a smaller environmental footprint — for use in personal care products, detergents and cleaners, engineered polymers, lubricants and additives, and other specialty chemicals markets. To learn more, visit www.elevance.com or www.renewicals.com.