Elevance Clean™ 1200 Now Commercially Available in Europe

Equilex selected to provide European sales and logistics support for superior-performing ingredient designed for cleaning applications

London, UK (March 10, 2015) – Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., a high-growth specialty chemicals company that creates novel specialty chemicals from natural oils, announced today during The Cleaning Show 2015 in London that its superior-performing, bio-based and safe-to-use ingredient, Elevance Clean™ 1200, is now commercially available in Europe.

Elevance Clean™ 1200 is highly compatible across a range of aqueous and organic solutions while being used at neutral pH in cleaning products for a wide range of applications such as metal cleaning, industrial and institutional degreasing, transportation, oil field, textiles, and food processing.

“Elevance Clean™ 1200 is designed for cleaning applications where superior performance and an improved environmental profile is desired,” said Andy Corr, Elevance Senior Vice President, Consumer and Industrial Ingredients. “Customer response to Elevance Clean™ 1200 has been positive, and we are pleased that we’re now able to bring this product to the European market.”

Elevance also named Equilex Chemicals BV as a European distributor for Elevance Clean™ 1200. Equilex combines a team of sales and logistics professionals that will provide enhanced service and support capabilities for customers in Europe with an interest in Elevance Clean™ 1200.

“We are delighted to team up with Elevance Renewable Sciences and participate in the launch of Elevance Clean™ 1200 in Europe. This novel solvent fits well with our strategy to introduce new, bio-based chemicals into our current markets and will nicely complement our existing range of products,” said Patrick Elie, Equilex Commercial Director.

Equilex Chemicals will use the broad international experience of its commercial, technical and logistics teams to support development of the European market for this exciting new product.

Elevance Clean™ 1200 can be used directly, blended with other ingredients or emulsified with the addition of surfactants. Its specific product attributes include:

  • Strong solvency characteristics surpassing that of d-limonene, dibasic esters, vegetable esters and isoparaffins as measured on the Kauri butanol (Kb) scale.
  • Formulating compatibility across a range of organic and aqueous cleaners, providing a boost in cleaning performance that surpasses other solvent-based and surfactant-based cleaning formulations.
  • Excellent performance across a broad range of cleaning applications, including metal cleaning, industrial and institutional degreasing, transportation, oil field, textiles, and food processing.
  • Outperforming standard cleaning formulations in the market at neutral pH (6-9), eliminating the need for highly caustic cleaning products, demanding and time-consuming personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and the need to preserve sensitive metal substrates.

Produced from natural oils, Elevance Clean™ 1200 meets increasingly restrictive environmental requirements, a key benefit as industries continue to come under pressure to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally. Further, it is non-flammable for easier handling, improving worker safety while providing excellent grease removal at neutral pH, allowing for much safer and easier handling than highly caustic and acidic cleaners. Elevance Clean™ 1200 is also:

  • VOC exempt (Directive 2004/42/CE of the European Parliament and the Council)
  • REACh registered
  • Readily biodegradable (by OECD method)
  • Free of components listed in the EU Dangerous Substances Directive (Regulation No. 1272/2008)

Elevance Clean™ 1200 was recently named the Bio-Based Product Innovation of the Year at the WBM Bio Business Awards 2015 for its ability to boost the cleaning performance of formulations by rapidly penetrating the most challenging soils.

To learn more about Elevance Clean™ 1200 and the benefits it can bring to your cleaning products and applications, visit www.elevance.com/cleaneurope or contact Equilex at clean1200@equilex.com. For a full list of Elevance’s high-performing, bio-based products, visit www.elevance.com/index.php/products/product-lines.

About Elevance

Headquartered in Woodridge, Ill., Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. is a high-growth specialty chemical company that creates novel specialty chemicals that perform better from renewable feedstocks, making the products that industry and consumers use every day better. Using a proprietary technology called olefin metathesis, the company delivers specialty chemicals that exceed the performance of existing products while leaving a smaller environmental footprint — for use in personal care products, detergents and cleaners, engineered polymers, lubricants and additives, and other specialty chemicals markets. To learn more, visit www.elevance.com or www.renewicals.com.