Discover High-Performance
Ingredients Across a Variety of Industries

  • Cleaning Ingredients

    Cleaning Ingredients

    High-performing cleaning ingredients for formulations used in a wide range of market applications

  • Coating Materials

    Coating Materials

    High-performing, low-VOC coalescing agents and new building blocks for reactive surfactants to help paint manufacturers achieve more durable and sustainable coatings

  • Oil Field Chemicals

    Oil Field Chemicals

    High-performing, bio-based hydraulic fracturing fluid ingredients for use across a range of oil field chemical applications

  • Personal Care Ingredients

    Personal Care Ingredients

    High-performing, plant-based ingredients for use in a wide range of personal care

  • Surfactant Intermediates

    Surfactant Intermediates

    High-performing, bio-based intermediates that can be synthesized to surfactants for use as cleaning ingredients in formulations across a wide range of market applications

  • Polymer Building Blocks

    Polymer Building Blocks

    High-performance polyurethane building blocks and new specialty polyamide monomers, including unique polyesters

  • Intermediates


    High-performing, bio-based building blocks that can be used to create differentiated solutions in a wide range of markets and applications