Frederyk Ngantung, Ph.D.

What are your responsibilities on a daily basis?What are your responsibilities on a daily basis? At Elevance, I am responsible for identifying and assessing new business development opportunities. When scientists have an innovative idea for a new or existing application, for instance, my role is to assess whether there is a market for the concept, and to determine the necessary steps needed. Assessment entails not just market research, but also conversations with end customers to validate a potential opportunity. Next steps may involve working closely with the scientists in generating meaningful data to present to potential customers. The goal is to either generate sales or jointly develop a product with customers that will lead to sales.

What do you like about working at Elevance?At Elevance, we are very goal oriented and nimble. Everyone here is very smart and hardworking, which creates an enjoyable working environment for entrepreneurs and self-starters. We have a solid technology and differentiating products that enable not only sustainable but also high-performing chemicals. At the end of the day, it’s about working for a company with products you believe in and customers you love interacting with.