Elevance is the leader in natural oil metathesis, a technology that transforms plant oils into high-performing, environmentally friendly specialty chemicals. Our products are helping industries move beyond petrochemicals to something better, a new generation of chemistry with a smaller environmental footprint.

Elevance’s low-pressure, low-temperature process uses a highly efficient, selective metathesis catalyst to derive value-added, specialty chemicals and olefins from natural oils, thus reducing source pollution, energy consumption, production costs and capital expenditures.

Elevance products are made from a variety of natural oil feedstocks, including palm oil. In 2013, Elevance joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that promotes the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products through credible global standards and engagement of stakeholders. As of March 2016, the Wilmar Gresik facility, including our joint venture processing equipment, was found to be in compliance with RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems.